Jan 11, 2022 | Jan Ooms

Nov. 13, 2021, Central MHC, Canon City, CO

Canon City, Colorado in November can be iffy weather wise but it turned out to be a great week! With mild weather and warm hearts, Central proved to be a beautiful place to live nestled in the Rocky mountains. From the Community Manager on down, this is a great place.

Impact Cares exists to come alongside, help, encourage, build, bless, and bring people together in a myriad of ways. It is always fun to hear the residents who live in the communities and see their responses. “Why would the owners come out to help us here?” said one stunned resident. “You are just too nice,’ which, in a nutshell, means we’re hitting the mark! It seems the world we live in has bred a generation of cynics and skeptics, so it is always fun to up-end that worldview and show folks that, no, Impact Cares does care and it is made up of people who actually do care and love to step up and give back to the communities of which they are a part. All of this to say that the outlook and attitudes of those ‘at the top’ has trickled down into and has become a part of the ‘DNA’ of those who make up Impact Cares!

The project at Central was the 5th time for one of our volunteer groups to come and help! Give a shout-out to the Alpha/Omega when you see them! This is a group that just loves to come, give of themselves and pour into these communities. They are such a delight to have and always encourage not only the team at Impact Cares but also every resident they come into contact with.

Everyone needs someone to look up to. Central has two such people who are looked up to by many. This couple loves their community, helps out their neighbors and especially loves on the hard ones ‘because they probably need it more!’ (Now, just to be clear, that’s all of us from time to time J) Maybe in 2022, we could all take a ‘step-up’ and do this where we live. Find one person to encourage today, one person you can help out this week, one person you can bless this coming year. If you do, you can be assured that by this time next year, you may be the one in your community that folks begin to look up to!

Here is a story about one person worth looking up to. When this hero lost his arm in a workplace accident, he didn’t go on disability but found a way to keep working. Why? Well, in his words, “What else am I gonna do, sit in a chair and die?!" In spite of his physical challenges, after all, we all have ‘challenges’ of one type or another, he helps his neighbors, has a great yard and loves his country. Oh that we would hold up folks such as this instead of the so-called ‘celebrities’ who make millions but could care less about their neighbors or their country.

This has been a great year once again for Impact Cares. We have been able to bless many communities, encourage lots of people and bless many of those who need it most. From Texas to the Upper Peninsula, from Indiana to Colorado, Impact Cares has made an ‘Impact’ across this great country of ours. We look forward to 2022 knowing that we will run across more great people, great staff and great volunteers. Check out our Impact Cares website to see all of our past projects, where we’re headed in 2022 and how you can join in by volunteering!