Cimarron Park

Jul 23, 2021 | Jan Ooms

June 19, 2021, Cimarron Park, Rapid City, SD

Cimarron Park is a great place and getting better by the day! When the Sheriff Deputy tells you the community is changing for the better, you know you’re on the right track! !

June 22 was a hot day, at the end of a hot week in South Dakota. The community ‘is’ changing and looking better day by day. With new water, sewer and streets in places, it is being renewed in more ways than one!

One resident commented after being told what we were doing, “That is awesome, I'll take Saturday off to help.” When a guy who works long hours all week says that, you know it’s going to be a good day! One family with many physical challenges and handicaps came out more than willing to help. They mowed several yards and were delighted to be able to volunteer to help their neighbors. Their young son had fun ‘running’ so fast the police had to put their lights on to ‘slow’ him down! He said he had ‘the fastest shoes in town!” These stories begin to give you a glimpse into the heart of the folks who live in Cimarron Park.

The couple who live at the entrance serve not only as the community ‘watchdog’ but also as grandparents and also know how to work hard. They helped with the kids all week and were right in there helping build decks for several of their neighbors. Every community is better off when there are a handful of people willing to ‘own’ the community in the best way possible, looking out for it, keeping an eye on it and just being there as needed.

While Impact Cares was at Cimarron, a number of ‘make-overs’ took place. One resident who is first time homeowner was eager to help and her own home needed help. She ended up with paint, some skirting replaced and a rebuilt deck. There were a number of other homes that also received makeovers. As homes get a fresh look on the outside, those who live in the inside also receive the benefits. Amazing how a gallon of paint, some new boards on a deck can change how we view not only ourselves but our communities as well.

One couple, struggling with health issues was barely keeping up with life. When told they had been recommended, they were amazed that their neighbors would think of them. They had several broken windows from a hailstorm a year ago. All were fixed and the house was painted at the same time with colors the couple picked out themselves. Another older couple, again struggling with some health issues also received a new deck and a much needed ramp into their home. When they came home, the ramp was built and she was able to make it up by herself! Sometimes small accomplishments can bring great encouragement. What a joy to be able to be able to step in and lend a helping hand to those who truly need it!

Cimarron Park is located in a great city within a great state! It is populated by amazing people. Last year, after a severe hailstorm which broke many windows, one resident went to Menard’s, loaded up his van with as much plywood as he could afford and came back and started putting it over broken windows. He would not accept anything for it and his neighbors will be forever grateful. Impact Cares has the privilege of coming into communities such as these, meeting these great people and encouraging them along the way.