Commerce City

Dec 12, 2019 | Impact Cares

Commerce City – ‘. . a safe, diverse and welcoming community with 25 miles of trails, . . 840 acres of open space and parks, . . one of the country’s largest soccer complexes and the nation’s largest urban wildlife refuge.’

It was 1859 when ‘Colonel Jack’ Henderson first built a ranch, trading post and hotel in what was to become later, ‘Commerce City’. As a growing community in beautiful Colorado, it was a great delight for Impact Cares to come alongside a local mobile home community and help clean, repair and beatify a place where some wonderful people live!

As one Impact Cares Team member said, ‘Today was a ton of fun!’ The Team, along with some local residents and volunteers helped make this little piece of the ole ‘trading post town’ a more vibrant, ‘Christmas-y’ place! Christmas wreaths were hung, some wonderful, amazing Christmas food baskets were brought and handed out and many were shown the love of God has it came through many willing hands and faces!

A local ministry, the Alpha Omega ministry came in a big way! They brought of 36 young people who were fantastic in helping, fixing, playing games with the kids and helping out in any way they could! Wow, what a difference it makes when many people pitch in to help! Some Impact Cares Team members came from the Western slope to help out as well.

Impact Cares exists to come alongside mobile home communities and coordinate with local volunteers to come in, in one day, and rebuild decks, replace skirting, have a picnic, bring people together, make new friends and help reinvigorate a community. It’s one of those opportunities you can hardly believe you get to be a part of!

Imagine you are ‘Colonel Jack.’ You’re tired of fighting. You decide to head west and you come to a place that is by a river with the Rocky Mountains in the background. You decide it’s time to settle down, start a ranch and to help people out, you start a trading post. In some ways, coming to Commerce City in late November was an echo of the old Colonel! The Impact Cares Team came, brought people together to help a community out and in the process were able to do so in the full view of God’s amazing creation of the Rocky Mountains.

At this time of year when we celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation and community and believe me, many were thankful that day, from the local residents to those who were able to help out. We also look forward to celebrating the birth of One who came to change the world. That one Saturday in November, many were able to join in being a part of bringing change and joy to a small but significant part of Colorado. Thank you to all who came and gave so lives could be changed and people could be encouraged!