Five Seasons

Jul 14, 2020 | Jan Ooms

June 2020

“Your age is more about your attitude than your years,” so said one ‘young’ resident of this fabulous place to live called ‘Five Seasons’ in Cedar Falls, Iowa. How true it is! This lady’s outlook is also something that exemplifies the attitude of the community called ‘Five Seasons’ and the town of Cedar Falls as a whole.

The year was 1863, during the Civil War, when the ‘Civil War Soldier’s Orphan Home’ began and became what is now, if you can believe it, the University of Northern Iowa! Now there is an ‘attitude’ that looks forward, which appears to be in ample supply in Cedar Falls. It was in this place, at the Five Seasons Community that the Impact Cares Team was able to come and be a blessing and be blessed all at the same time during late June.

During our time there, we had a number of staff, both local and regional come out to help, jump in and be a part of seeing one community improved and encouraged. We also had the privilege of having a number of volunteers from local churches and a few residents helped out as well. One local high school senior was there helping the entire time we were in town and what a blessing he was!

Here are a few stories that characterize the Five Seasons community. One resident, who is 90 years ‘young’, said, “I act like I’m 60 because your age is more about your attitude than your years.” Imagine living with neighbors like that! The Impact Cares Team with volunteers was able to seal her roof and paint her entire house!

Another resident, the self-proclaimed ‘mayor’ of Five Seasons who is a retired vet continually helps his neighbors with small repair jobs, mows a number of lawns and even builds clocks as a hobby. The Impact Cares team was able to bless him by fixing a handrail and staining his deck. It is such a delight and joy to come alongside folks and pour into them as they pour themselves into their community.

A long-time resident, who has seen the regular ebb and flow of the community, noted that she is ‘excited to see her community moving in a positive direction.’ The Team was able to seal her roof and she in turn made some banana and apple bread for the volunteers. Five Seasons, is without a doubt, a forward-looking, positive place to live!

Toward the end of the day, a resident came up and was wondering what was going on. Tory, the Impact Cares team leader spent some time sharing what was happening and why. This resident noted, after working in the community for 20 years, that he, ‘noticed a difference in Impact’ and said he could tell it was owned by Christian people and ended up shedding tears and praying for us because of the work that was being done and the spirit in which it was being carried out.

Tory noted, ‘The effect Impact Cares has on employees and others still amazes me!” To which we say once again, ‘Go Impact Cares!’