Meadows Greenville

Jul 08, 2022 | Jan Ooms

May 28, 2022, Meadows, Greenville, SC

Greenville is an absolutely beautiful, historic and ‘green’ place to live! A few days we had enough rain we started to wonder if we should have ‘web’ feet! But when you have a lot of rain you also get a lot of green. Nestled close to the Blue Ridge mountains, Meadows is a gorgeous place to live. Not only that but we had a productive week and were able to impact many. By the end of the week, we had the opportunity to make 129 improvements on some 105 homes! That is a huge impact in a very short time!

As Impact Cares comes into a community, it can be easy to forget that, while what we do as far as improvements is important, the real significance lies in the impact that is made on the residents we come in contact with, and their impact on us.

What is one life impacted for the better worth? What impact can a few people, in one day, have on a person others may not necessarily see as significant? There is really no way to measure such things yet we do know the impact, at least in part, by the response.

In the Meadows community, one resident made known to the best she could the impact on her life that came as a result of the Impact Cares team coming and walking alongside her. This resident, an older lady who lost her husband years ago, was unable to keep her home maintained as it needed. Impact Cares came alongside her, painted her home, fixed her deck, replaced the skirting around her home and repaired a ceiling inside. During the community dinner part of the week, she stood up and publicly thanked the Impact Cares team for not only what they did for her home and the repairs made but more and most importantly, making her feel ‘special.’ You never know how a small act of kindness can add value and significance to someone’s life.

At Meadows we once again had the pleasure of some of the Impact staff coming to help. Let me highlight Demoine and Randy who spent the week with us. Their servant-hearted leadership style is well worth imitating. Her team loves her; she was out there working even when it was raining. When the residents see a leader out there getting dirty, doing the stuff, they in turn are much more likely to lend a hand, be positive and in turn help their neighbors out. Let’s not forget Brad, one of our District Managers who set a new record of giving out 102 flags! There is nothing like a new flag offered by a servant leader to bring about a great community spirit. In other words, servant hearts can be contagious so watch out!

This was an amazing week! One volunteer traveled from Indiana to help out, once again. From Impact staff to the residents, from the sun to the downpours, Meadows is the place to be! If you would like to volunteer or be involved in what Impact Cares is doing, check out our Impact Cares website for more information.