Pecan Village

Jan 04, 2021 | Jan Ooms

Nov. 21, Pecan Village, Tecumseh, OK

Pecan happened so fast! Yes it did and so did Tecumseh itself! Born in one day, on September 23, 1891, approximately fifteen thousand individuals raced to claim their piece of only five thousand homesteads. It was a hectic day, at the stroke of noon when the soldiers fired shots into the air, the rush was on and the town of Tecumseh became one of only two towns settled with a ‘Land Run’ and that day, a town was born. Amazing what can happen inside of twenty four hours!

“Pecan happened so fast,” so said Tory, the project manager of Impact Cares speaking of November 21, 2020. With a ton of frenetic energy and loads of help, the small community of Pecan village saw many homes remade inside of twenty four hours, just like the old days!

Impact Cares came to Tecumseh to work in Pecan Village, a small community filled with some great folks. Not only does this community have some great folks but the surrounding community does as well. During the day, Team Impact ended up with at least ten very capable workers coming to help, joined by four of the communities own residents and over nineteen volunteers from three local churches! What a day it was and much was accomplished and many lives were impacted.

Consider the story of one couple who it appears, the community just wanted to bless! A few months ago, a neighbor saw smoke coming out of a window, rushed in to help and was able to put out a stove that had caught on fire. Since that time, they’ve been trying to make do with a hotplate as they could not afford to replace the burned out stove. Having been nominated by several neighbors, Impact Cares came in and almost did a ‘make-over’ in one day! A new stove was installed, and the comment was made, ‘I get to cook meatloaf tonight!” Their deck was also replaced and the entire neighborhood ended up being blessed and encouraged because along with Team Impact, one couple’s lives were impacted in a way they won’t soon forget for years to come!

Consider another resident, a single mom, who also experienced a make-over of sorts. As in the days of old, this day proved to a barrage of activity for a short time with enormous results. By the end of the day, the siding was replaced, the porch was improved, and the door was fixed and painted all before the day was over! Again, a neighbor and those around her were impacted by Team Impact joining together with residents and volunteers to replace, repair, paint and just bless someone who needed it, that’s what it’s all about! You see it’s really not about the improvements so much as it is about impacting the lives of those who live in those homes and communities.

Imagine being able to come alongside a single dad who needed help sprucing up his home for his young daughter. By the end of the day, you’d almost think he’d bought a new home! He received new windows in the front of his home, a fresh coat of paint, the deck was repaired and new skirting was put up around the home. By days end, with tears in his eyes as he thanked Impact Cares, his thought about the day were summed up in his words, ‘This has been one of the best days of my life.” Every day, that’s what Impact Cares is seeking to do, bless people, encourage them and the avenue we use to accomplish that is by gathering together those who want to help, going into a community like Pecan Village and doing what needs to be done.

We were able to finish this day by handing out 19 complete Thanksgiving dinners with all the supplies needed for all ‘the fixin’s!’ What a great day it was and what a great community to live in!