Picture Ranch

Jul 13, 2022 | Jan Ooms

June 18, 2022, Picture Ranch, Clifton, CO

28 homes, 70 improvements and countless lives touched.

"Still giving," he said. "I see what you are doing. I see the help you are giving. I see how hard you are working." So said one resident at Picture Ranch where Impact Cares recently visited. This from one resident who started the week being withdrawn, ‘not needing any help,’ and who kept to himself.

Picture Ranch became a study in contrasts. Nestled on the western slope of the Grand Mesa, a picturesque place, one could also see the ugliness of what happens when places are not well maintained to the beauty of those which are. Spend some time in this community and you will soon come across the contrast of tears coupled with joy as well.

Impact Cares was able to come alongside of several folks who again were a study in contrasts. Some, having the challenge of age themselves, nonetheless spent their lives in service of others, helping, encouraging, praying for and blessing others. We came across a number of residents with whom life, it appears, had been very cruel to. From debilitating accidents to the challenges of age to the brokenness that addictions can bring to relationship. Despite all of these, it was amazing to see how one’s attitude and outlook can make the proverbial ‘lemonade out of life’s lemons.’

Picture Ranch, a place, like so many others and even the community you may live in, was and can be a place where life is lived in apparent contradictions. Here, as in many places, you will find people who are eager and willing to step in and help and those who need a great deal of encouragement to just take one more step. Could you be that person who gives encouragement to another who needs it today? Maybe you’re the one in need of a ‘you-can-do-it’ from another and find it hard to accept? We all find ourselves in one of those places from time to time.

I remember when one of our kids was very young, woke up from a nap to hear, ‘Wake up, we’re going to Disneyland,’ and started crying! When asked why he was crying, he responded, “Those were tears of joy!” That’s one we’ll never forget, that‘s for sure! Yet, it was also a reminder that tears can come when we are on the receiving end of a blessing. You just never know the huge impact you can have on another, to encourage, to speak a kind word, to give a helping hand.

Picture Ranch, a study in contrasts. From fixing an absolutely wonderful chili dinner, to making a crochet needle on a wood lathe, to trimming a hedge, to building workable steps, to staining a newly built deck, Impact Cares was able to encourage, bless and hopefully have an ‘over-sized’ impact on this community for a long time to come. Would you like to have an impact on your community? Here’s an idea from one of the residents. Put a ‘Prayer Request’ box in your yard and simply start praying for the needs of your neighborhood and see what the Lord does that will change lives forever!