Redwood MHP

Oct 02, 2020 | Jan Ooms

Pontiac, Illinois, a place where historically, ‘Pontiac’s Wear Well’. So the saying went a long time ago in the 1800’s when Pontiac was well known for its shoe manufacturing. Pontiac, part of what many today refer to as ‘fly-over-country’ is one of those places where some great people live!

It was Saturday, September 19, when a lot of ‘shoes’ came together along with their ‘residents’ from Impact Cares and were able to bless this community in huge ways. Alongside the Impact Cares team were 31 residents and 13 Impact staff who also came out to help take part in improving and blessing this community. A number of the residents of Redwood went above and beyond the call of duty during the week and on Saturday. Let me share a couple of their stories and some great quotes.

One couple, he works in construction, she works with disabled adults, who are raising three aspiring young teenagers, were there to help, to encourage and, if you can believe it, fill potholes! Those pesky things seem to crop up, or should I say ‘blow out’ everywhere. Potholes are sort of a picture of life. You’re going along fine and then, ‘wham’ you hit one of those things, get jarred around and you hope no one else ever has to hit that one. So, along come some great folks who are willing to share their lives and fill in and smooth over some of the rough patches in the roads.

Another resident, in her 80’s with some health struggles, is a great encouragement to those around her. She works at making her house nice for those around her (now that’s a great idea!). But with age comes challenges and many times those are physical. In rolls the Impact Cares team and others and in one week, her house was washed, her flower beds cleaned up, her landscape is improved, and her deck was repaired and repainted. She was so excited to have this work done she turned around and brought water to the crews on Saturday, met new neighbors and made some new friends. One of the crew noted, “She is so nice and reminds me of my mom. I’m glad I got to meet her.”

Making their way around the community during the week was Amy, an Impact Cares team member and a rep from Sherwin Williams. They were going to those who had been nominated to find out what color paint they would like for their homes. Amy noted to the rep, “I have the best job ever, loving on people and blessing them with improving their homes!”

One resident who lives with oxygen just lives to bless those around him. He still mows many of his neighbors lawns and has people over all the time, just like the ‘good-ole-days’ to just sit and chat. He said with a big smile, “I am so blessed by all you Impact Cares people being here, these two great guys came and put a screen door on for me, and then they straightened out my back steps, they look great!” He also noted in response to ‘Camp Impact’ which Donna, another Impact Cares team member was teaching that, “It’s great! My grandson comes home each day and tells me about what he has learned about Jesus. It has made such an impact on his young life!”

One more story shared by Amy. One young man, who works extremely hard to provide for his family turned out to be a great encouragement to all of us. He had just bought his home and was working on fixing up the interior. Impact Cares was able to come alongside, help paint his home and do some repairs on the roof of his home which had been damaged in a recent windstorm. When the work was finished the team was able to spend a few minutes in prayer with him and his family. When they were ready to leave, he looked Tory square in the face and said, “You will never know how much this means to me.” A friend who had helped out said, “This has given us so much energy watching you guys and how you helped so many people out. We just can’t believe you guys do this, but we are glad you did. Thank you again!”

And that my friends, gives a whole new meaning to the old saying, ‘Pontiac’s Wear Well!’

Go Impact Cares!