Royle Court

Jul 08, 2022 | Jan Ooms

May 21, 2022, Royle Court, Summerville, SC

With a ‘Realfeel’ of 97 degrees, Summerville’s weather gave a whole new meaning to the ‘Summer’ in the ‘ville!’ Despite the hot, muggy weather Impact Cares came to Royle Court and was still able to make 62 improvements on 35 homes! Due to our short lead time, we weren’t able to gather any outside volunteers for this project. However, Impact staff from close by and far away once again showed up to brave the heat and give of themselves to bless this community.

Summerville’s motto is ‘The Flower Town in the Pines.’ Every year this town hosts tourists who flock to the town to view the millions of azalea blossoms, seen along city streets, private homes and in Azalea Park in the middle of town. Tourists come to see the beauty of flower blossoms as new life returns every spring but if you really want to see the true beauty of Summerville and more importantly of Royle Court, you are going to have to look a bit deeper.

Under all that external beauty there is something far more wonderful to behold and ponder. That is the inner beauty of the folks who call Royle Court their home. Here you will find some amazing people who are truly alive and unlike the flowers, don’t need to wait until spring to be seen!

Once again, the Impact staff showed themselves to be alive and well in Summerville. They came from far and wide to encourage, build, bless and energize this community.

One couple, the third generation to be in their home is an example of this inner beauty. The husband, recently having suffered a vicious attack, suffering both internal and external injuries, still recovering, came out to help as best he could because he wanted to be a part of what was going on. His wife also, having seen her mother and grandmother live in this same home, was overjoyed at the work being done to improve and beautify her home. Badly in need of some TLC (tender, loving care), and having previously been damaged by those who moved the home into the community, Impact Cares was able to make several improvements to their home. It is amazing how easily it is to damage others but also how amazing it is to see people encouraged and built up by small acts of kindness. Jesus summed it up this way, ‘It is better to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35).

From a resident who endures dialysis three times a week to another who is facing colon cancer surgery, there is an inner beauty in this community that is hard to miss. How does a person come to understand and see these things? Let me let David, one of our Impact Cares team members say it in his own words. “Adapt and change. Move and shake. Meet and love. Listen and cry. These are a few of the traits one must possess to do what we do. Can you learn this in school? No. Can your friends teach you this? No. Maybe you are born with it. No.” How do you ‘get it’? David continues, “When you love to serve. When you have a giving spirit. When you put others before yourself. When your courage exceeds your abilities, then you have it.”

Let me sum up what you just read. When you give of yourself, when you take the first step toward helping others, when you look outside yourself, you will find a whole new world opening up before you, a world that has always been there, you just weren’t able to see it before. So let me end by encouraging you to find a need and fill it, look to Jesus and you will find the strength and courage to do things for others you never thought you could!