Rustic Manor

Dec 03, 2021 | Jan Ooms

October 16, 2021, Rustic Manor, Anderson, IN

Imagine living in a community where neighbors help each other, where people live life to the end trying to be an encouragement and help to one another. Welcome to Rustic Manor! Let me share some of the great stories to bubble up out of this great place.

We met one resident, struggling with cancer, who came to the community dinner, sang and played his previously ‘Elvis’ owned guitar, all the while knowing his days are numbered and possibly, soon and very soon he is going to see the King of kings! That will encourage anyone to carry on, look for ways to take one more step and do something for someone else.

Have you ever met someone who is ‘in love with themselves?’ Yeah, that’s not a pretty sight! Now, have you ever met someone who loves on everyone around them and continues to give and pour into others? Yes, that is a wonderful sight! Well, at Rustic Manor they have a community ‘Grandma!’ She has lived there since the 70’s and everyone knows and loves her. Nominated by several for some needed repairs, ‘grandma’ refused to have anything done for her. Impact Cares was able to rebuild some very dangerous back steps and repaint her home, in spite of Granny’s ‘protests.’ Everyone takes care of her, shovels her snow, brings her shopping or just stopping by for a visit and so it was easy to give back to her because that is what she does every day for those around her. Welcome to Rustic Manor!

One resident, an immigrant is living the American Dream! He works hard making a living for his family, loves America and wanted to help. Impact Cares was able to help him repair a water leak under his home and he was so appreciative and showed up on project day to help out in any way he could. All of these folks are what make America great!

Let me put a quick plug for Impact Cares. One of the communities is being sold and an employee of Impact, who is staying in her community although she will no longer be with Impact, still desires to come out to any Impact Cares events because she loves what we do and the values the company has in giving back to the communities they are a part of. Now when someone is willing to help a previous employer because they believe in what you’re doing – you know you have a winner on your hands!

Imagine loving to decorate for the various holidays. Now imagine having a boat load of decorations for Christmas and winning the community competition for best Christmas decorations. Now imagine taking those same decorations the following year and helping your neighbor decorate their house and having them win the competition using your decorations! That is not only the picture of a great neighbor but of a great couple helping to make a great community even better – again, welcome to Rustic Manor!

Making a difference, bringing much needed help and encouragement to those in need that is what Impact Cares is all about. Once again, mission accomplished at Rustic Manor!