Aug 22, 2023 | Jan Ooms

‘Suthington,’ is the official pronunciation, at least according to the locals. What an amazing place. Settled in 1805, this beautiful rural community is going strong into its third century! Small in numbers, just above 3,000 in the 2000 census, the entire community could quickly remind you of Andy Griffith’s ‘Mayberry’ if you did not know better.

Southington is one of those communities where everyone knows everyone else and is not afraid to share the local gossip. This can be a great asset when working in a small community because you can quickly find out who needs help and who needs encouragement. Southington Estates was one of those small communities that was a joy to work in and with over sixty-five volunteers. Several of the local churches were very helpful in providing volunteers and getting many things accomplished. They power washed several homes, painted one home, built a number of decks, cleaned up some trash and overall created a number of great relationships. The local churches told us they had been praying for an opportunity to work in this community and Impact Cares came along giving them that opportunity and opening that door.

As in many small communities Southington estates is in many ways a reflection of the culture. We had those who were out there working, striving to make this a better place and others who were willing to sit on the sidelines watching us work. The Impact Cares team was encouraged by the number of kids that came out to help and were instrumental in getting others to work in helping us coordinate and arrange the project day. As in other communities we ran across folks who were helping take care of kids, grandkids and even great-grandchildren all to their credit.

Southington is a community in what the media has called ‘fly-over’ country. Which means it is a community made-up of salt and pepper kind of folks who know how to work who know how to look after their neighbors and who are willing to help. We found that the management in this community doing excellent work, being available to help and willing to do what is needed to keep this community headed in the right direction. Being a small town located in a rural community means that many people will have heard and know that Impact Cares has come to town and has made a huge impact. During our time in this community, we had over sixty-five volunteers and were able to impact twenty-nine homes in various ways. The ripple effect of this in this small neighborhood will be long and far reaching in a myriad of ways. We know some folks were more of the rough and tumble kind of people and others were not, but all were willing to help in whatever ways they could.

Being in what to an outsider could appear to be ‘Nowhereville, USA’ this town, this community is one that reflects much of what is good about our country. We ran across folks who were willing to help others and who were willing to get out there and do what was needed and not just wait around for someone else to come and fix their problems. I want to close with what one resident said that encapsulates in so many ways what is going on in our country. This resident said, “Seeing you guys give what you have given to this community, it makes me think that we can’t just be takers all our lives…we need to start being givers. I am going to start being a giver.” Oh, if only that sentiment spread across our country, it would change the face of our country in short order!

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