The Rainbow Bridge

Jan 02, 2020 | Impact Cares

Originally named ‘Prairie View,’ Bridge City was renamed in 1938 because, well, you had to cross a bridge, the Rainbow Bridge, to get into the city.

A group of residents from a local mobile home community crossed over to each other and pitched in to help brighten the place up! Impact Cares, who work with mobile home communities, was there, leading the charge, helping to bring this community and the broader Bridge City community together to put a smile on many people’s faces.

There was a community picnic with food provided by local restaurants which gave everyone attending the opportunity to taste the local cuisine but to also meet their neighbors and enjoy a great meal. Many of the newer residents absolutely enjoyed the lunch as it gave them the chance to get out and meet some of their new neighbors and soon to be new friends.

As in many places, not everyone was so excited at the beginning. When it comes to the culture we live in today, many can be skeptical, unsure of what’s happening, and less than likely to be trusting of someone they don’t know coming into their community. But this day, even some who weren’t so sure of all the ‘goings on,’ softened up after a few bites and sat down and became engaged in conversations with neighbors, some new, some old, hopefully creating new friendships along the way.

In 1990, Bridge City also became the first town in Texas to have ‘leaning’ streetlights. This is also a picture of what happened that last Saturday in January. The Impact Cares Team, local volunteers and some of the residents ‘leaned’ in to help repair, clean and beautify this mobile home community. Some of the kids from the community were excited to pitch in, helping prepare for the picnic, picking up stuff, carrying tools and supplies and enjoying the picnic while having fun the entire time.

Once again, a great day was had by all and the Impact Cares Team would like to thank all those who came out, the volunteers who leaned in to help and the community itself for being willing and excited to help pitch in and make their little corner of Texas a more beautiful, pleasant place to live!

Russ Ooms on behalf of Impact Cares.