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Jan 30, 2021 | Lockhart, Texas

Live Oak MHC

Impact Cares also served this community in Mar 2022 .


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Thank you for allowing Impact Cares to serve your community. Your support ensures that no neighbor is forgotten and that together we can build a better place to share our lives with one another.

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Live Oak MHC

January 30, Live Oak, Lockhart, TX Everybody knows, in Texas, they do it 'BIG'! That, in a nutshell, is what you will experience if you were to live in Live Oaks community. This is what I would call a big 'Super-Bowl' type of community. Oh, they may not play football here, but the 'spirit' of a Super Bowl is definitely here. This is a community that takes great pride in where they live and in helping each other. Ultimately isn't that what the 'Super Bowl' spirit is about anyway? Isn't it about taking pride in your team, going all-in, and being willing to do whatever it takes to win? At Live Oaks, this IS what it's about, and not only in the community but the broader community as well. During Impact Cares time at Live Oaks, we had 68 volunteers come out to help, yes, count them, 68! That included 13 Impact employees, the local Calvary Chapel brought 15, some of which came out for a number of days. Young Life brought 23 volunteers, including one of their leaders who had to apologize for being a bit late on Saturday – she had ridden her bike 48 miles to get there! That's dedication on display! Rounding out this list of volunteers were 17 who came from the community itself. Community pride was on display everywhere you looked!

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