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Feb 26, 2022 | Kerrville, TX

Oak Grove Estates


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Thank you for allowing Impact Cares to serve your community. Your support ensures that no neighbor is forgotten and that together we can build a better place to share our lives with one another.


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Oak Grove Estates

February 26, 2022, Oak Grove Estates, Kerrville, TX Imagine with me for just a moment. Imagine you found a community where you knew the people were great, the community had recently been impacted by a great organization, and then you took a peak at what Impact Cares is all about on their website and you thought, ‘you know, I could live in a community like that,’ so that is what you did, you moved in!’ That is a testimony to the ‘impact’ that Impact Cares is having on the communities they visit. Now imagine a cold, wet, blustery day in Texas. I’m not from Texas and I don’t like the cold but one would think down in Texas, they really wouldn’t deal with the cold! O how wrong one can be! We ended up with 73 volunteers, many from a local Alpha Omega chapter and they were great. They worked hard in spite of the weather and always have a great attitude as they dive in and do whatever needs doin’ to get the job done. These are an amazing group of young Christian people who put their faith on display by being servant-hearted leaders.

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