La Coste Village

Mar 04, 2022 | Jan Ooms

Jan. 29, 2022, LaCoste Village, LaCoste, TX

What do 15 Team Impact staff and 12 residents add up to? One fantastic day! It never ceases to amaze one how small things can add up to ‘ginormous’ benefits!

Consider the story of one elderly lady who struggled negotiating her tall steps into her home. While taking great pride in her home and doing her best to take care of it, nonetheless there are some things she simply can no longer do. Recently she had paid someone a lot of money to help her with of the outside upkeep to her home. Let’s just say the check was cashed but the work certainly didn’t quite fit the bill. Team Impact came and built her some steps that are safe and usable. Just think, those small pieces of lumber add up to a life-changing event for this dear lady. It opens up the opportunity to actually go outside more and enjoy the outdoors and her family and friends.

If you happen to be driving around LaCoste Village, be sure to find the sign that says, ‘Evelyn’s Ramp.’ Team Impact was able to build a ramp for this precious family who has a daughter recently diagnosed with a crippling disease. The girl was so proud of this new ramp which again opened up possibilities to head outside, that she named it ‘my ramp.’ (We thought we’d make it a bit more ‘official’ with the sign! J). Here’s a quick thought for the day. Find someone who has some struggles or challenges which are way greater than the ones you face, find a way to help them, even if it’s a small thing, and you will find yourself being thankful and feeling good about yourself!

Team Impact regularly runs across the dark side of humanity as well. In this community, one couple who is struggling had paid several contractors to do some work for them. The bums would show up, do a bit of work, take their money and run. Naturally when Team Impact knocks on their door they are suspicious at best, having been taken several times. After some time of sharing what it is we do and what we’re about, they allowed us to help them with some skirting issues. They were both so grateful for what had been done. It just goes to show that if you desire to have a great reputation, either as a person or a business or organization, you just need to do what you say you’re going to do and do it with excellence! It’s really not that hard and people will love you for it!

This was an amazing community. LaCoste is filled with your everyday folks who love Texas, work hard and are confronted by all that life can throw at you. Yet through it all, they persevere, take one more step, and find ways to be a community together. Let me close with a quote by Tory, Team Impact’s leader. “La Coste welcomed us in, kept us well-stocked in cupcakes, cookies, chili, and tacos while we were here, and helped us on many projects during our stay. This is a community that loves on each other!” That about says it all!