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Jan 29, 2022 | LaCoste, TX

LaCoste Village MHC


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Thank you for allowing Impact Cares to serve your community. Your support ensures that no neighbor is forgotten and that together we can build a better place to share our lives with one another.


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La Coste Village

Jan. 29, 2022, LaCoste Village, LaCoste, TX What do 15 Team Impact staff and 12 residents add up to? One fantastic day! It never ceases to amaze one how small things can add up to ‘ginormous’ benefits! Consider the story of one elderly lady who struggled negotiating her tall steps into her home. While taking great pride in her home and doing her best to take care of it, nonetheless there are some things she simply can no longer do. Recently she had paid someone a lot of money to help her with of the outside upkeep to her home. Let’s just say the check was cashed but the work certainly didn’t quite fit the bill. Team Impact came and built her some steps that are safe and usable. Just think, those small pieces of lumber add up to a life-changing event for this dear lady. It opens up the opportunity to actually go outside more and enjoy the outdoors and her family and friends.

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